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A protocol is a rule or code of formally correct behaviour, especially describing how an activity should be performed. In D/s, protocol is usually symbolic of submission and is therefore a type of ritual.

Protocol is more specific than etiquette, which may also apply to informal environments.

Many different and often contradictory protocols exist in D/s circles, and it is better to speak of "my protocol" or refer to a protocol by a name (eg Roissy protocol) than refer to "protocol". Different protocols are conveniently defined and compared by writing a protocol schema - a systematic description of the Classes, Dress and symbols, Speech rules, and Deportment involved.

High Protocol

The phrase "High Protocol" is frequently used in D/s and M/s, but has no universal meaning. Most high protocols for submissives do share some common features, including:

The fictional protocol in force at Roissy in the "Story of O" is a classic example of a detailed high protocol.

High Protocol in front of people who are not members of the dominant's immediate household may also have some of the features of a performance. This is felt by Rene in the "Story of O":

O felt him watch her the way an animal-trainer keeps an eye on the animal he has trained, watchful to see that the animal, upon whose performance his honour is at stake, performs well

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