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Ownership Flag

Ownership Flag The Ownership Flag is derived from the Ownership Icons, and is intended to represent everyone who is seeking or pursuing a relationship based on ownership or possession: that is, Master/slave or Dominance/submission relationships where some or all of the rights associated with property ownership are held by the master, mistress, owner or dominant.

As with the icons, the shield represents the owner, as head of the household, and the collar represents an owned submissive or slave. The nine black and white stripes are a reference to the black and white striped uniforms of convicts, which in turn represented the bars of a cage or jail.

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The thinking behind the flag is described on the page about Designing the Ownership Flag.

Flag images you can use yourself

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Possession. Ownership. Consent. Responsibility. Respect. House. Service. Dignity. Authenticity. Rituals.

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