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23 Feb 10   More on the O&P Open meeting on 6th March
Today I updated the thread about the O&P meeting in Manchester on the 6th of March, with a photograph to help find the venue and some directions. Belasarius has now also started a thread with suggestions for discussion topics for the open round table part of the afternoon. Finally mia has begun a thread about names for this type of meeting: not just a munch but not as formal sounding as "meeting" :)
14 Feb 10   O&P Meeting, Sat 6 March 2010, Manchester
There will be an informal meeting for people interested in O&P, D/s or M/s relationships on Saturday 6th March 2010 in central Manchester. The meeting will be from 1pm to 5pm, with a round-table discussion about suggested topics starting at 2pm. [more...]
7 Feb 10   O&P meet up in the UK?
I've posted this to the O&P group on Informed Consent: [more...]
5 Feb 10   IE and O&P
I started writing about Internal Enslavement ("IE") in 1999, first calling it "Internal Slave Development" and then adopting the more accurate "Internal Enslavement" name in August of 2000. Now that most of my writing efforts are going into O&P (Ownership & Possession), this is a good time to clarify how IE fits into this new framework. [more...]
4 Feb 10   Carpetting your world?
I'm reading Raven and Joshua's questions and answers book, and there's a great line in a section about control: "I can't carpet the world, but I've put down a lot of throw rugs." [more...]
26 Jan 10   Transferability thread on IC
New thread on the O&P group on IC: "I think it's taken for granted that the best things about dominants and owners tend to be transferable from one relationship to another: skills, experience, self-awareness and self-acceptance of one's desires and right to receive service etc. However, what about the submissives' side of things?"
25 Jan 10   Training thread on IC
TheFalconer started a training thread on the O&P group on IC. It's generated some good replies already :)
17 Jan 10   O&P group on IC
The O&P group on Informed Consent has gone past 100 subscribers and 28 topics. It's now become the busiest of the three O&P forums ... and remember you don't need to be resident in the UK to use IC :)
5 Jan 10   "The Curious Human Phenomenon" by Peter Masters
A couple of years ago I reviewed Peter Masters' previous title, "The Control Book", and "The Curious Human Phenomenon" is very much in the same vein. It doesn't try to teach you BDSM techniques, but instead tries to explain some of the reasons behind elements of BDSM. Masters summarises this by saying BDSM has an "abundance of 'how'" but a "scarcity of 'why'". [more...]
2 Jan 10   O&P Wiki
The Wiki on TSR acquired many good articles about D/s and M/s subjects in 2007 and 2008, but had only a handful of updates during 2009. It's now been rebranded as the O&P Wiki to give it more focus, and it appears on the O&P website itself now too. In the last week, I've updated a great many of the articles to make it more consistent, and include more O&P topics and links to O&P blog posts.

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Possession. Ownership. Consent. Responsibility. Respect. House. Service. Dignity. Authenticity. Rituals.

O&P (Ownership & Possession) is a new structure built from familiar D/s and M/s concepts, defined by the O&P Manifesto.

There is an O&P discussion group on Fetlife.

The O&P Wiki contains articles about O&P and related D/s, M/s, and BDSM topics.

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