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12 Sep 10   Two good threads on the O&P group
Two goods threads have been started on the O&P group on Informed Consent today: O&P and Disobedience by slave_joanne and Neediness by mia.
3 Jun 10   O&P Open, Manchester, Sat 3rd July
I've now posted details of next month's O&P Open in Manchester, following the same format as the previous events in London and Manchester. The 3rd also coincides with the quarterly Dystopia night in Manchester.
3 May 10   Last Saturday's O&P Open in Manchester
This weekend's O&P Open meeting and dinner went very well again :)
26 Apr 10   More details of O&P Open, Manchester, Sat 1st May
I've updated the thread on IC about the O&P Open on the 1st of May in Manchester, including directions to the venue and more about the format.
17 Apr 10   O&P Open meeting, Manchester, Sat 1st May
I've now posted details of this event on the IC O&P group, following a similar format to the previous Manchester and London meetings.
12 Apr 10   O&P Open in London last Saturday
The 2nd O&P Open in London on the 10th went very well and there was a good range of discussion prompted by several topics suggested beforehand, including limits vs limitations, submissives voting in elections, and the meaning of collars. I hope to organise another O&P Open in the near future, probably back in Manchester.
3 Apr 10   Update on the London O&P Open on 10th April
I've posted an update about next Saturday's meeting for people interested in O&P-D/s-M/s.
12 Mar 10   O&P Open in London, Sat 10th April: details posted
I've posted the venue details and confirmed date (Sat 10th April) of the O&P Open in central London next month. The event will have the same format as the Open in Manchester in March: some social time from 1pm, then an informal discussion for people interested in O&P-D/s-M/s relationships at about 2pm, followed by an (optional) dinner in a nearby restaurant at about 6pm. The discussion venue is within easy walking distance of Great Portland St and Warren St tube stations, and not far from Euston and King Cross mainline railway stations.
9 Mar 10   O&P Open in London?
I've started a thread about having another O&P Open in early April, this time in London. The O&P Open in Manchester last weekend worked out very well!
8 Mar 10   Saturday's first O&P Open
We had the first O&P Open on Saturday for people interested in D/s-M/s-O&P relationships, and it turned out to be a great afternoon and evening. In all, 21 people were there for the round-table discussion part, and 15 for the dinner afterwards. [more...]

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O&P (Ownership & Possession) is a new structure built from familiar D/s and M/s concepts, defined by the O&P Manifesto.

There is an O&P discussion group on Fetlife.

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