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19 Dec 10   Future O&P Opens in Manchester
This month's O&P Open in Manchester went so well at Taurus that we're going to move to a regular pattern of alternate months, starting in February. In particular, the venue are fully aware of what we're about (they repost the announcements I make on Facebook on their wall!) and very supportive, and the private room has a lot of potential. [more...]
17 Dec 10   Podcast: Club Lash, Violet Wands in BDSM, O&P Open
Club Lash; Violet Wands in BDSM; O&P Open meeting in Manchester and topics discussed, in this third episode of the House of Tanos Podcast. [more...]
4 Dec 10   Today's O&P Open in Manchester
Thanks everyone for making it another great O&P Open today! There were 20 of us in total, including people making it from London, North Wales and across the Pennines in Sheffield despite the snow and ice. [more...]
3 Dec 10   Podcast: Leather restraints, Reactance etc in O&P
Leather restraints in BDSM; Heresy n Heelz, Birmingham; reactance, entitlement, and training in O&P - in this second episode of the House of Tanos Podcast. [more...]
19 Nov 10   Podcast: O&P, London, Hoods
What O&P is about; conversations with mia recorded on the train to London and in the restaurant after the November O&P Open; quick reviews of Club Subversion and some shops; and a section about using hoods in BDSM - all in this first House of Tanos Podcast in MP3 format. [more...]
9 Nov 10   O&P Open, Manchester, Sat 4 Dec 2010
I've posted an announcement of the next O&P Open, in Manchester on the afternoon of Saturday 4th December 2010. The event will be from 1pm to 5pm, with social time followed by a round table discussion from 2pm. The venue is the downstairs room of the Taurus Bar, 1 Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3HE (the northeast / Piccadilly end of Canal Street.) [more...]
3 Nov 10   London O&P Open this Saturday
patience has posted an event announcement of the O&P Open on Sat 6th November using IC's new combined event calendar/boards system.
3 Nov 10   Slave to Bondage
I came across a very kind link from the Slave to Bondage website today, which I found in a very roundabout way :) [more...]
25 Oct 10   "Slave Girl of Gor" by John Norman
I have a vivid memory of seeing a display of Gor books in a branch of W.H. Smiths in about 1978, when I was 6 or 7 years old. Some of the books were face-out so I could see the tempting pictures of chained, half-naked slave girls. The title of one, "Slave Girl of Gor", jumped out at me, as I was already secretly fascinated with all aspects of slavery - well, at the least the aspects that could be gleaned from television, films, and children's books. Would that woman begging the king's mercy in the Ladybird "King Alfred the Great" make a good slave? Probably not, I thought, but these Gor books looked [more...]
21 Sep 10   O&P Open in London, Sat 6 Nov 2010
temperance on IC is organising an O&P Open in central London on the afternoon of Saturday 6th November. See her thread on the O&P group on IC for more details.

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O&P (Ownership & Possession) is a new structure built from familiar D/s and M/s concepts, defined by the O&P Manifesto.

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