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The Sadomasochistic and the Limits paradoxes

Posted by Tanos on Sun 22 Sep 13, 8:19 PM

I've just added articles to the O&P Wiki about the Sadomasochistic Paradox (people liking things they don't like) and about the Limits Paradox (unthinkable limits can become huge turn-ons over time.)

Both of these topics are quite mainstream BDSM, but I've added them because they can be very useful when you're trying to talk about how O&P relationships are established and maintained, and how they evolve.

For example, the repeated question "How do you punish a masochist?" is a manifestation of the more general Sadomasochistic Paradox; and how to transform a submissive from hating one of your favourite activities to begging for it requires that you resolve the Limits Paradox.

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