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Two weeks to the O&P Open, Manchester, 23 Mar 2013

Posted by Tanos on Sat 9 Mar 13, 11:10 AM

Another O&P Open will be held in Manchester on Saturday 23rd March from 1-5pm. It'll be in the usual place in the downstairs room of Taurus Bar, 1 Canal Street, M1 3HE.

The event is a mixture of socialising, roundtable discussion, prizes and cake. Whilst this in an O&P based event, anyone interested in O&P-D/s-M/s related topics is most welcome. Many of the things that are discussed are relevant to all of these relationships. People are also welcome to attend regardless of gender, sexuality or relationship status. You don't need to have any experience of these kinds of relationships to come along, or possess encyclopedic knowledge of the subject either. The format will be similar to previous O&P Opens, with time to get your coat off, meet people and socialise from 1-2pm. This will be followed by the round table discussion which will last for the rest of the afternoon. Please get there by 1pm (it disrupts the discussion having to explain the guidelines & discussion topics every time someone arrives late!)

See the announcement for many more details and discussion thread on FetLife.

ETA, 24th March: The discussion thread now contains some comments about how well the event went, despite all the snow :)

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