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UK M/s event in Spring 2014 with Raven Kaldera

Posted by Tanos on Thu 7 Mar 13, 7:31 PM

reva on FetLife is organising an event in the Spring of 2014 with Raven Kaldera and his slave Joshua:

reva on FetLife wrote:
Hello everyone, just writing to let people know about a new group and an invitation for input.

I am working on organising a UK trip for Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny, remarkable writers and speakers on master/slave relationships; the intersection of transgender, polyamory, disability, spirituality and bdsm issues, and much more, to give presentations in Spring 2014. It would be great if this were part of a larger event with other presenters/demos/etc, and could have a play party attached or coincide with an existing party!

Raven and Josh are of special interest to the community around The Slave Register, I feel, because of their practical and effective approach to master/slave relationships that have inspired so many people.

I would love to hear from you, particularly if you are UK based and interested in attending/helping with such an event. Please join the group and post in the opening thread/make some new threads if you're interested!


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