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Posted by Tanos on Mon 18 Apr 11, 11:05 PM

I brought some O&P badges along to the O&P Open in Manchester this weekend. I had them made by Spreadshirt.co.uk because I wanted one myself, and they do look pretty good. If you want some, either order some yourself online or ask me if I've got any with me at an event. Either way, they're only £1 each.

The badges' design is derived from the Ownership Icons set of symbols which I developed in 2006 to use on The Slave Register. On TSR, people can display them on their profile, web board posts etc to indicate their orientation, and there are several vendors selling merchandise showing the icons too.

Edited Mon 18 Apr 11, 11:20 PM

Possession. Ownership. Consent. Responsibility. Respect. House. Service. Dignity. Authenticity. Rituals.

O&P (Ownership & Possession) is a new structure built from familiar D/s and M/s concepts, defined by the O&P Manifesto.

There is an O&P discussion group on Fetlife.

The O&P Wiki contains articles about O&P and related D/s, M/s, and BDSM topics.

You can also follow O&P on Twitter.

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