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Saturday's first O&P Open

Posted by Tanos on Mon 8 Mar 10, 8:05 PM

We had the first O&P Open on Saturday for people interested in D/s-M/s-O&P relationships, and it turned out to be a great afternoon and evening. In all, 21 people were there for the round-table discussion part, and 15 for the dinner afterwards.

After the milling-around social time, we talked about O&P-D/s-M/s relationships pretty much solidly from 2pm to 5:30pm. Most of the topics centred on how the D/s relationship interacts with the outside world, and how to maintain things over time. I had a list of more in case the flow of conversation flagged, but I didn't need it as once we got started, it all just happened naturally :)

These kinds of meetings seem quite rare in the UK, even though there are lots of munches (where people often just talk about "safe" topics like upcoming events and the weather!) and clubs (where the music and atmosphere encourage chat rather than conversation.)

mia and I are now planning to organise another O&P Open with the same format - probably in a month's time in London.

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